WrestlingMale – TETRALOGY II – – Fallen Hero – Ep04



Muscle Beast suffered the worst ever humiliating disaster in the arena through his 3 lates fights vs Matteo (Tetralogy II Fallen Hero Ep01), Marius (Tetralogy II Fallen Hero Ep02) and AXEL (Tetralogy II Fallen Hero Ep03)!
Desperate but always brave Muscle Beast asked to be given another chance so!
Boss Etienne reluctantly agreed but the mandatory conditions are harsh: “You must fight both Axel and Marius in a 2vs1 handicap Last Man standing match!”…
Nowhere else to go anaway foR our Fallen Hero… Defeated and still heroic Muscle Beast has no choice. He accepts…
How will Muscle Beast survive now to both Marius, his worst enemy, and Axel, his strongest assassin?


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