Masculine, Muscle, Heaven

Welcome to the place where muscle-dreams come true, higher than the Muscle-Heaven… the Muscle-Olymp.

Look at the unmatched power of my muscles, look at the sweat running down on my working body. Look at the beauty of my swollen thick moving muscles. I’m all you have ever dreamed of!

Welcome to the Olymp

This is the Home of the Muscle-Beast. My Castle, the Muscle-Olymp.  Only the bravest and best Muscled Gods will live in the Olymp.

Here you can admire the perfection of the male body and become witness of the live and doing of the gods among us.

About Me

I am the Beast from the Beast Muscle Show on Youtube. My workout is focused on getting the most possible power. My muscles are 100% naturally, I do all my workout at home or in the german forests, I love to use Humans, Trees and Stones as my weights.

The presentation of my godlike abilities to my admirers is what makes me happy. I am 193cm/6,33ft tall and weighing 106kg/233lbs.


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