WrestlingMale – Fight Room – Beast Downgrade – EP07



Muscle Beast lost all his championship belts and his dignity in Tetralogy Season II…

In the final episode of the series (After Tetralogy II), the “Fallen Hero” rebelled and was fired by the boss…

Backstage, Muscle Beast realized how stupid, arrogant and useless he had been to Etienne… He personally apologized to him and asked for his reinstatement…

Etienne found this opportunity far more pleasurable than hiring him outright: “Beasty, I’m willing to let you back on the team, because now you’re going back to the lowest status in the company… This means you’ll be fighting and training with newcomers, as a beginner. Sometimes you’ll even be coached by your worst enemy Marius, who made you tap out and lose your belts…. OK?”

Muscle Beast didn’t expect such brutal punishment and a demotion from his glorious past status….


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