Different Human Lifts – Volume 12(Featuring The U.K. Giant)

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Different Human Lifts volume 12 features the U.K. Giant in an INCREDIBLE display of strength and power!

In addition to all of the gravity defying lifts they do, they also arm-wrestle, bear hug, and much MORE!

The scenes of the Muscle Beast actually lifting the U.K. Giant with his HUGE PECS, will astound you!

Full video is almost 34 minutes long in HD!


1 review for Different Human Lifts – Volume 12(Featuring The U.K. Giant)

  1. wjlepetomane

    This is really a four-and-a-fraction-star review. Beast handled the 300-pound UK Giant as though he weighed a quarter of that (i.e. the usual thing for Beast). The UK Giant who’s no slouch in the strength department lifts the 230-pound Beast like he was made of styrofoam. Still, the Beast rules. He squeezes the Giant until he taps out.. He cradle carries the Giant like the Giant is a new bride going over the threshold.. The UK Giant stands on the Beast’s pecs, but the pecs don’t move a millimeter. Some of the tasks done in the video weren’t to my taste (nothing wrong with them, but just weren’t interested in them); overall, though, this is a great video from Beast. If you love strength, this video is a great example of it.

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