The Tickle Test!

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The Beast is tied up and subjected to “The Tickle Test”.  He claims that he isn’t ticklish but is that true? How long can he last before he starts to laugh?

LOTS of muscle flexing as he squirms and has his armpits and muscles tickled by hand and an object!

Full video is over 15 minutes long!

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3 reviews for The Tickle Test!

  1. Taro

    Best video ever!!!! Please continue this series!!!!!

  2. Astro (verified owner)

    It was good, but there was no tickling of the feet.

  3. Astro

    The video was entertaining , but could have been better if the Beast’s feet were also tickled . A suggestion for another tickle test video.

    • Zee

      Thanks for your response. That would be a great request for a custom video. You should request that!! 🙂

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