Muscleshow 17/47 (2017.08.07 “Under Armour Flex”)

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Flexing in my Hot Under Armour Shirt, my muscles make a really big preassure, so I take it of to show you my bare muscles. Very nice shoots in HD! Total Playtime 17:11min

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1 review for Muscleshow 17/47 (2017.08.07 “Under Armour Flex”)

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    The Beast is honestly the definition of masculinity, power and strength. His towering upper body and beard emmit amazing strength. His huge arms barely squeeze into his skin tight under armour shirt and stretches as he flexes. Lastly his pecs show you what a true alpha male looks like as they give off such dominance being the biggest bludging muscles off the beast. A true muscle god.

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