Taming The Muscle Beast!

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The Muscle Beast is trying to have a beer and watch a football match. He just wants to relax. Unfortunately, for him, he is being watched by someone that has other ideas!

This person sneaks into his place and makes him pass out in order for him to explore and worship his muscles!

Full video is almost 21 minutes long!

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1 review for Taming The Muscle Beast!

  1. Gilbert

    Taming the Muscle Beast is a muscle worshipping fantasy come true. At the beginning of the video, the Beast is settling down to watch a football match. He wears a tight white tshirt which shows off his huge muscles, especially those amazing pecs. The story has an intruder knocking the Beast out with chloroform, leaving him flat on his back. Even with the tshirt on, it doesn’t matter. The Beast looks awesome. The angle of the camera all through the long worshipping sequence puts the Beast’s muscles on tantalizing display. The tshirt is so tight that even the Beast’s abs are visible. Naturally, the intruder can’t keep his hands off of those muscles. Slowly, the intruder takes the Beast’s clothes off until, at last, the Beast is stripped down to his underwear and the intruder has a field day, especially with the pecs. Is the wait for the exposure of the Beast worth it? Hell, yes! The Beast looks bigger than ever and because he’s out cold, the intruder can worship undisturbed. Great video with an excellent visual of the Beast’s muscles, especially those pecs.

    • Frank

      Thanks so much for your amazing comment Gilbert 🙂

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