Muscleshow (2017.10.19 Ultimate Muscle Master)


21:33 min Hard Show in HD, one file.

Read the qutes from diferent worshippers who have seen the video:

Quote 1 of a worshipper to the video:

“”I am still speechless when I see that video! I can’t believe that a real alpha musclegod actually exists on earth! You are so pumped and ripped! So masculine and powerful! I know that my trailer can’t do justice to the greatness of that video. Every scene is AMAZING! Every second of that video is INCREDIBLE!””

Quote 2 of a worshipper to the video:

“”So, on a scale from 1 to 10, your video is probably a 55. You were absolutely hunkalicious, Beast. You might need to wear tight long-sleeved shirts and jeans more often.  They suited your gigantic body extremely well. As I mentioned before, your legs look awesome. You could crush cars with them. So, I agree with xxxx that this video was probably your best of this genre. Super job, Beast.”””

Quote 3 of a worshipper to the video:

“”OMG! That is INCREDIBLE Beast! It’s the perfect muscle worship video! Your muscles are AMAZING! Your legs are HUGE!The way that you talk to the worshiper as you guide them over your whole body, from your huge arms and pecs, to your masculine armpits and ripped abs, all the way down to your feet, is PERFECT!Your voice is so deep and powerful! You really sound like a god talking with complete power and authority!I can’t believe how incredible you are! Each video just gets better and better! You are truly the BEST!!!I’m literally speechless after seeing it! HOLY SHIT! WOW!””

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