Make U The Beast’s Slave! #02


Why do people insist on provoking the Beast? Don’t they know that once it is let out, his wrath and POWER cannot be contained!

The Beasthunter found that out the hard way when he continued to annoy and defy the MUSCLEGOD! Constantly poking and prodding him into showing him who is boss!

So what happened, you ask? Let’s just say that “The Beasthunter’s” new name is “The Beast’s Slave”!

This video is AMAZING! You will witness true ALPHA authority!

The Beast’s muscles become ripped and look like they are carved out of stone as he unleashes his fury! What is left of the Beasthunter is a puddle of nothingness who is only there to serve the Muscle Beast’s every need!

Video is 17 minutes long and in HD!

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