Game of Swolls: SUPREME Biceps Flex!

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If Game of Swolls arms get any bigger, then they will literally explode out of his skin! They are beyond MASSIVE in his newest video!

Even he marvels at their mountainous size as he flexes them and shows off his hard work in the gym, just for you!

All of his muscles are pumped and huge! His body is jacked and the guns are definitely loaded!

You won’t be able to get enough of Game of Swolls and his muscles!

Full video is almost 11 minutes long!

2 reviews for Game of Swolls: SUPREME Biceps Flex!

  1. Michael Ward (verified owner)

    We all know his biceps are the absolute best. The extreme close ups of his muscles and incredible face were exceptional. All that swagger and those blue eyes. I’m getting on a plane to Denver right now to take him up on that massage offer. And hopefully he will figure out the camera for the shower flex. He needs an Amazon gift list so I can send him that camera case today.

  2. Keith Brown


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