WrestlingMale – Tetralogy– Part 1 – Fallen Hero


“Tetralogy II – Fallen Hero” is the sequel to the Wrestlingmale adventure which is co-written with our fan Minoru! This opus is still dedicated to the warrior art of Muscle Beast!

The topic of discussion is still the same also … Who is the strongest wrestler in the Wrestlingmale company? Muscle Beast continues to insist that he is the only hero in Wrestlingmale roster.

Etienne has been fed up with Beast’s absolute and narcissistic pride for a long time now, and even worse after the series of fights he organised throughout the insane course throughTetralogy season 1 in order to destroy Beast’s reputation and fan club!

Muscle Beast finally managed to defeat Butch, Dan and Marius. He also defeated American star Aryx, not to mention a 3vs1 handicap match for which he never submitted neither. Beast was physically destroyed, but he never submitted, so he was able to keep both his championship belts!

Muscle Beast is prouder than ever that he didn’t give up vs all his opponents cheating in league…
Etienne is therefore frustrated and decides to organise new challenges and also to hire new wrestlers like Matteo and Axel Reed to definitively bring Beast to his knees!

From now on, there are no rules for these new fights: no taps, no quit and the fighters fight until one of them is down (the last man standing wins). Here are pure “Last Man Standing” matches…

But will Etienne get his way this time? Muscle Beast has been working his body relentlessly ever since! He looks more than ever like a sublime, invincible ancient hero…

Check it out! The video is in Full HD and over 39 mins long!


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