Wrestling Crush Massacre – Volume 07


The Muscle Beast takes on Etienne in the latest version of Wrestling Crush Massacre and the match is SAVAGE!

ALL of your favorite wrestling holds are done including: Leg Scissors and Bear Hugs! The savagery knows no bounds as the Muscle Beast is truly unleashed! He even sits on his opponent with so much force that you can hear the wind being knocked out of him!

Etienne is wrestler! He is athletic and strong! He is so strong that he bear hugs the Muscle Beast and matches the holds with ease during this match!

Can his strength and wrestling prowess overcome the Muscle Beast’s SUPERHUMAN POWER?  You have to watch this video to find out!

Full video is almost 22 minutes long and in HD! It was filmed with three different angles to give you a perspective as if you are right there with them!

This video is INCREDIBLE!!



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