Workout with the Beast(Brutal Deadlift & Shoulder Training)


Watch the Muscle Beast as he does a BRUTAL Deadlift and Shoulder workout!

The SAVAGERY is unreal! He looks like a machine as he lifts INSANE amounts of weight using perfect form, and no with spotter!

When he does dead lifts, the POWER is on FULL display! And he seems to get stronger as he lifts unlike other guys who look like they are ready to pass out after doing a fraction of what the Muscle Beast does! He could keep going if he wanted to!

He does dead-lifts, lateral/shoulder raises, and a special training exercise that builds and shows off his INCREDIBLE traps!

In addition to seeing how he trains his AMAZING body, there is also LOTS of INCREDIBLE muscle flexing in this video!

He really gets into the posing and shows off all of the hard work that he does to build the BEST physique that you have ever seen!

Full video is over 38 minutes long and in FULL HD!

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