Rodrigo: Rip, Pump, & Flex – INTENSE!

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Rodrigo is back and is more muscular than ever!

His physique doesn’t even look real because it is so perfectly muscled! But it is REAL! And he enjoys showing off his hard work in the gym for you!

Watch as he rips his shirt, just by using his muscles!
He also pumps up with weights and does lots of hard flexing!

So much natural musclegod energy that you won’t believe your eyes! This video is INCREDIBLE!

Full video is almost 11 minutes long!

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1 review for Rodrigo: Rip, Pump, & Flex – INTENSE!

  1. RPike

    Rodrigo is incredible in my first opportunity to see his video(s). Perfect title for video of Rodrigo displaying muscle that he’s built to perfection but seems to continue to want to gain, grow increasingly quality muscle mass/size. Great introduction to Rodrigo – I look forward to more opportunities to get see eventually competing/win. You will too aftyer an intro as contained in this video.

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