Muscleshow (2017.11.30 mirror)


Really the greatest Muscleshow EVER, extreme hard flexing of ripped muscles, strain for strain, super dominant talking, moving and muscle action.

That video is absolutely AMAZING!

My muscles look like an action superfigure in this video! It doesn’t even look like a real human. It looks SUPERHUMAN!!

Because of the mirror you can see each side of my massive body as I am flexing!

My power is unreal in this video! Each pose is so hard and powerul! Every breath expresses how powerful and strong I am! When I flex hard and look into the camera, you can witness ultimate power! It’s so INCREDIBLE!

I am so ripped! There are veins on my 10 pack and all over! Unbelievable!!

AND hot closepus in FULL HD,

Almost 13 minutes video, really worth to see this!

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