Lifting & Grappling with The German Colossus! Part 01


The Beast had an EPIC session with The German Colossus! Full of AMAZING lifts and wrestling/grappling!

Two Giants going at it! So much POWER and Strength on display that you won’t believe your eyes!

The Colossus weighs 150kg and you will witness him be lifted and manhandled like he weighs half that amount!

This video has it ALL! Bear hugs! Leg Scissors! INSANE LIFTS! And MUCH MORE!  Including the Colossus standing on the Beast’s MASSIVE pecs as he bounces and flexes them!

Part 1 showcases the Muscle Beast’s SUPERHUMAN strength! But don’t be fooled! The Colossus isn’t weak by any stretch of the imagination! Stay tuned for Part 2 so you can see what he brings to the table!

Full video is almost 16 minutes long! In HD!



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