Human Weight Workout #02 with Risky Rob

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Prepare to be AMAZED by the latest installment of Human Weight Workout!

The Beast really shows SUPERHUMAN strength and endurance in Part 2!

He and Risky Rob go through a full workout outside in beautiful nature! The Beast uses Rob for squats, bench press, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and MUCH MORE! The sets of human rowing will leave you ASTONISHED!

The full video is 47 minutes long and in HD!

1 review for Human Weight Workout #02 with Risky Rob

  1. Gilbert

    First of all, I have to say that I love the Human Weight Workout series because it features various ways the Beast uses a human body as a weight. and it shows off the Beast’s strength and ability. This series and the DHL series showcase how strong the Beast is, and he is unbelievably strong..

    The Beast has his shirt off for the entire 47 minute video. He starts off with a shoulder carry, but he does it the hard way by carrying Rob up a huge pile of logs. The Beast shows no signs of strain or exertion. Very impressive. Other moves are: using Rob as a barbell, lifting him over his head and using him as a sort of kettle weight, lifting him from the ground with one arm. These and others are cool moves, but the highlights for me are the workout moves I hadn’t seen in the previous HWW or DHL videos. Rob stands on the Beast’s back while the Beast is in a plank position and Rob stands at the top of the Beast’s quads while he is in a bridge position. Awesome to see. The Beast doesn’t cheat on his workouts! He holds the proper position AND holds Rob’s weight. I love it!

    Beast also supports Rob while Rob moves from standing on his shoulders to standing on his biceps. Amazing.

    There are other great workout maneuvers in this video. He does a kind of kettlebell one arm floor press with Rob.. He is actually lifting and holding Rob with one arm while lying down on the ground. This has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The entire video has to be seen to gain a full appreciation of the Beast’s strength. He also performs one of my all-time Beast moves: He does push-ups with Rob sitting on his back. The Beast finishes off the video by giving Rob a ride on his broad shoulders while the camera gives a nice close-up view of the Beast’s massive pecs. Great finisher.

    I’ve seen many videos of guys showing off their strength on Youtube. Performing pushups with someone sitting on his back, for instance. But there is no one like the Beast. He performs lifts which I’ve never seen anywhere online. He loves to show how strong he is and he loves to try new lifts. He is amazing. I never get tired of watching this video.

    Again, the Beast remains shirtless throughout the video (he doesn’t appear to break a sweat!) so you can see his muscles at work. Is the video worth purchasing? Yes. Highly recommended.

    • Frank

      Hey Gilbert, thanks a lot for taking the time out to leave such a detailed and amazing comment.

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