Game of Swolls: Shirt Rip & MASSIVE Biceps Pump and Flex!

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Game of Swolls is back with a vengeance!
His biceps are even more MASSIVE as he pumps them up and flexes them for you!
As if that wasn’t enough, he RIPS out of a shirt like it was nothing!

His arms become so HUGE in this video that even he cannot help but to marvel at them!
This video is a must have for anyone that likes to see real muscle!

Full video is over 11 minutes long! In HD!

1 review for Game of Swolls: Shirt Rip & MASSIVE Biceps Pump and Flex!

  1. Hal

    Anything I can say in this review will not do this muscle god justice. To say that this man has the most amazing, incredible biceps I have ever seen is an understatement. This man has the most massive, powerful, hulking arms I have ever seen in my life!! I have always had a weakness for huge powerful arms but I can honestly say now I have seen the best. I am immediately going to buy his other video and will buy every video he ever makes, he has a fan for life. Hoping I can make contact with him and tell him how amazing he is. Totally found my angel from heaven 🙂

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