119-Madrid-Xtrem-4-Master-Class-Parts 1 & 2!



MASTER CLASS”. Wrestlingmale Dark side was born in Madrid during our last shootings @theringprivate! Dark Underground Private Club, ferocity and ultra-sensuality characterize the atmosphere and the tension of the fights of our series “XTREME Shot”! 2 fights – 2 Masters for the new school year with Muscle Beast and Butch.J!

Match 1 : Muscle Beast vs Duc Roys… Muscle Beast has been fired from Wrestlingmale (Paris Rough House War 23)… He furiously and unexpectedly arrives at The Ringprivate academy to force the production to sign a contract again!…. Where is Etienne? Will it be a successfull mission for him?…

Match 2 : Butch.J vs Etienne… Butch.j, is full of himself since all his latest victories… He is particularly proud of his combat vs Etienne & Aaron Mark (Xtreme Shot Madrid 1)… He wants to take advantage of a new training with Etienne to remind him who is The One, The Wrestlingmale Master!…

Pt 1 DURATION : 22’41

Pt 2  DURATION 24’50





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