The Transformation

Steven had always been the strongest boy in school. The other kids would ask him to flex his muscles and break things in half. Steven loved the attention. He couldn’t wait for the new year to start and show everyone how much more muscular he had gotten over the summer. He had been lifting weights almost non stop, and had put on about 10 pounds since the school year ended.

On the morning of the first day of school, Steven jumped out of bed before his alarm went off. He was so excited!

He picked out a sleeveless shirt that hugged his muscular torso to wear on his first day.

Steven looked in the mirror and held the sleeveless shirt up against his body.
He hit a quick double biceps flex and admired the way that his arm tensed up into a hard dense ball of muscle. He pumped his arm up and down and noticed the veins starting to snake up his forearm, and he smiled.

He quickly brushed his teeth, showered, got dressed and ran down to the kitchen where his mother had already started to prepare breakfast.

“Well aren’t you up bright and early this morning!?!” his mother said with a puzzled look on her face.

“Yeah, I’m ready to go mom!” Steven replied.

His mother gave him a few glances and said, “It’s going to be cool outside today, so don’t forget your jacket. That shirt isn’t enough to keep you warm.”

Steven bounced his pecs underneath his shirt and said, “Don’t worry mom. I am wearing my new jacket too!”

His mother smiled and finished preparing breakfast.

After breakfast was served, Steven jumped up from the table, grabbed his books and jacket, and headed out of the door.

“See you later mom!” he yelled as he ran out of the door to the bus stop.

His mother looked out of the window and shook her head to and fro. “I don’t know what has gotten into that boy” she said aloud with a smile, and went on about her day.

When Steven arrived at the bus stop, he noticed that his friend Larry was already there.

“Look who’s here!” said Larry as Steven approached. “Are you ready for today?”

“Are they ready for me is the real question” Steven replied boastfully.

Larry had always secretly admired Steven’s muscles and strength. He had never said anything to Larry about it, but he had noticed that his friend was becoming more and more muscular.

Larry could tell that his friend looked thicker than he did last year so he said, “Have you been lifting weights?”

Steven smiled and sat his books down on the ground. He rolled up his jacket and flexed his biceps into a hard ball of muscle! “Yes I have been lifting weights.”, he said. “Can you tell?”

Larry was so stunned from seeing the big ball of muscle on Steven’s arm that he almost couldn’t respond.

“Uh yeah..I can tell.” he stammered.

At that moment, the bus came and everyone started boarding the bus. Steven and Larry went to the back of the bus. The bus driver had just closed the doors and started pulling off when a deep booming voice yelled, ‘WAIT FOR ME!!”

Everyone’s head turned to see who was yelling. Steven assumed it must be someone’s father because the voice was so deep and resonant.

The bus driver opened the doors and everyone felt the bus sink all the way down the ground as the passenger boarded.

Gasps and sighs filled the bus as the kids began to realize who had just stepped onto the bus.

“Oh my God!” Is that Connor?” Larry asked.

“That can’t be Connor!” This guy is twice Skippy’s size, Steven thought to himself. He also remembered the last time that he talked to Connor about three months ago, and recalled that his voice hadn’t changed yet.

Steven’s mouth opened in astonsishment as the behemoth sauntered to the back of the bus, It was Connor!

“What’s up guys?” Connor boomed.

This time it was Steven that was speechless as he marveled over the massive muscular form that sat down in the seat adjacent to them.

“DAMN! What happened to you?” asked Larry.

Connor chuckled and said,” I spent the summer with my uncle and let’s just say that  he taught me a few things about buliding muscle.”

After finally regaining his composure, Steven said, “A few things? You are HUGE! There is no way that you could have added this much muscle in three months!”

Steven thought to himself about how proud he had been for adding 10 pounds over the last few months. And he knew that it likely wasn’t all muscle. As he looked at Connor, he realized that he was now at least 75 ibs bigger than he was just three months ago.

“Are you taking steroids?” Steven asked.

Connor laughed even harder than before.

Larry and Steven looked at each other as they both realized at the same time that they could actually feel the seat rumbling underneath them as Connor laughed.

“There ain’t nothing synthetic about this!” Connor said as he hit a powerful most muscular pose that sent shockwaves through the school bus.

Larry actually squealed when he looked up and saw the bull neck that was framed by huge traps and veins  As he looked down he could see striations and veins in Connor’s massive pecs that were straining against his shirt. He couldn’t believe that he was seeing cuts and veins through the shirt!

Connor took a quick breath, grunted, and said, “I love the crab pose!” He hit it again and held it!

Steven couldn’t believe his eyes! He had so many emotions all at the same time that he thought his head would explode! He was jealous, he was intrigued, he wanted to reach out and start feeling his muscles.

Connor looked like a solid brick wall of muscle!  He looked like a cartoon character. Muscle and veins were everywhere!

“Ooooos and ahhhhhs” filled the bus. Even the bus driver slowed down and peered through the rear view mirror as Connor went through a series of poses for his friends.

He rolled up his sleeves and started flexing his arms. His forerms looked like bowling pins and they were just as hard. His biceps were the size of bowling balls and had deep indentations in the muscle.

At this point Larry just had to reach out and  feel the muscle beast that was before him! When he touched Connor’s bicep, he immediately pulled his hand back in a combination of terror and excitement.

It was as hard as steel! And it almost seemed as if he felt some sort of electrical volt go through is body when his hand had touched Connor’s rock hard arm! “What the hell?” Larry thought to himself.

Steven was looking around at everyone making a fuss about Connor. His jealousy was starting to override his other emotions. He wanted this day to be about him and his new muscle. But now nobody even noticed. Larry wasn’t even looking at him in that funny way anymore because he was so busy smiling and trying to touch Connor.

Connor reveled in all of the attention. He continued to flex and show off.

As the bus finally pulled up to the school, he told Larry and Steven that they should come over to his house after school and he would share some of what he had learned from his uncle.

Larry smiled and said, “Sure!”

Steven grimaced and said, “I will be there.”

He thought to himself, “I will get to the bottom of this!”

To Be Continued…

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