Chained Heroes: “Mercenary Nick” – The Interrogation – Part 01

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Niklas Martin (Nick) is a German mercenary soldier and ex GSG9 Special Forces operative who takes on high-risk secret missions for governments and wealthy business-men.

Watch what happens when he is captured and made to tell everything he knows to the Big Boss Man! He is brought into a room with all types of tools that are meant to make even the hardest men talk and give up!

Does Nik give up?

Full video is almost 19 minutes long!

1 review for Chained Heroes: “Mercenary Nick” – The Interrogation – Part 01

  1. Gene (verified owner)

    I have watched him with all his muscle talk and being so tough.. Well, those whip marks are real. He took it like the muscle god he is. I am impressed.
    He backs up his talk with his body..

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