Beast Benchpress Workout & Flex (Filmed by Worshiper!)


Have you ever wanted to be in the Beast’s lair as he is working out? Imagine all of the ALPHA energy and POWER literally bouncing off of the walls around you as he BRUTALLY trains his muscles!

A lucky worshiper had that opportunity and it was caught on film for you to see!

Watch as the Beast powers through a SAVAGE bench press workout! Pumping up his superhuman pecs to an even bigger size than you can imagine possible!
He goes through set after set with an intensity that would cripple other guys if they even tried to approach this level of training!

The worshiper guides the camera to all of the things that you want to see! AND he lives out your dreams as he gets to worship the Muscle Beast’s pumped muscles!

This video will instantly become one of your favorites!

Full Video is almost 19 minutes long and in HD!

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