The Bloodthirsty Giant II – Piercing Day

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The Bloodthirsty Giant is Back!

(FullHD video, almost 45mins)

He is celebrating a Party with lot of Fans and Friends becasue of his 4000 Subscribers on youtube. 10 Special Friends and Fans have the chance to meet him at the afterparty. But something happend before…. He has become a Giant, somebody mixed him sometig in his drink earlier… He lost all his emotions, no … more than that, he bacame really bad and deceitful. Later at the afterparty he scare his Fans becasue of his giantic size, but he is able to show them that he is friendly and good, they belive him and trust him 100%, they are joking and playing around…. but soon the leaf turns …… and the situation becomes more and more hopeless … even his true friends are threatened …. will he have mercy for them ?

Almost 45mins total Playtime, great shoot, FullHD, Video Production and Cut by the BEAST from THE BEST MUSCLESHOW,

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