Beast Wrestling Clark Kent!

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Clark Kent is anything but mild mannered in this INSANE wrestling video against The Beast!
They bring a SAVAGERY unlike anything you have seen to this point!

Back breakers, Leg Scissors, Bear Hugs and MORE!

ALL of your favorite wrestling moves are on display in this EPIC battle of muscle titans!

Full video is over 20 minutes long! In HD! Multi-Angles!

1 review for Beast Wrestling Clark Kent!

  1. Quicksilver1 (verified owner)

    The best video ever!!!
    Clark Kent is the Superman for real. No matter how hard the MB strike, there is always fight left in him. He looks so good in that sexy white trunk especially when his body is limp under MB’s painful holds. Please keep the wrestling video between Muscle Beast and Clark Kent coming. Maybe do one fight scene that MB manhandles Clark just like how Doomsday destroys Superman!!!

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