About Zee

If you enjoy muscle and muscle worship, then chances are you have appreciated Zee’s work; even if you don’t know it. He has been working with guys from all over the world since 2008, and his unique ability to showcase muscle and muscle worship is the blueprint for what many of you enjoy today. Before him, nobody was showcasing the beauty of the muscular male physique in the ways that it is shown now!

You might know him as Sucka4Muscles, S4M, or the creator of the Church of Muscles Worship as well as many other names throughout the muscle world and on social media. He has worked with The Beast since 2017 and they have been business partners since 2018.

He recruits and advises muscle guys, creates/produces muscle content, does promotion, management and expresses his unique artistic muscle fantasies through visual and written works for everyone to enjoy! In addition to producing the full cuts and trailers for muscle-olymp.com, he also handles customer service and product creation, puts out the newsletter, and does a lot of other things that are too numerous to mention that helps keep things going.

Zee lives and breathes muscle and his dedication to sharing it with the world is on another level.

It would be awesome if you consider supporting Zee with a donation, everything is appreciated! You can use:
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